Christian Education FAQs

Christian Education FAQs

If my family does not attend your church, can my child or i attend Wednesday night classes?

Yes! We welcome people from every corner of faith! Our youth and adult groups include people who attend Cascade Christian and people from other area churches.

What time do classes start?

Wednesday evening classes (Youth & Adults) run from 6:30 – 8:00PM.

Do you offer infant and toddler care?

Yes upon request. Please contact the church office by the Sunday of the week you wish your child to attend.

What age groups do you offer classes for?

We have a mid-week program for every age group. Our classes are divided into the following groups: Elementary (K – 5th grade), Middle School (6th – 8th grade), High School (9th – 12th grade), and Adults.

Who is working with my child?

Our Wednesday Night programs includes our Christian Education staff members, Adam Carlson and Michael Dirksen as well as adults and parents from Cascade Christian Church staff and congregation. All adults involved in our program have completed a volunteer application and extensive background checks.

What happens at a typical meeting?

Our children’s program offers activities, a Bible study/lesson, games, snacks and crafts.

Our youth mid-week program (6th – 12th grade) meets on Wednesday Nights at 6:30 pm. We have games and activities, snacks, and time for spiritual growth. Other youth events include bowling, rock climbing, ice skating, trips to apple orchards, service opportunities, and much, much more. Those events happen outside of the Wednesday night meeting time.

A typical mid-week adult meeting includes a book or video series study with discussion and worship.

Where are classes held?Our classes are held in our Cascade Christian Church Education building on the second floor.

Our classes are held in our Cascade Christian Church Education building on the second floor.

Is there a fee to participate?

All mid-week programs are free to attend. However, adults are encouraged to purchase the book currently being studied in their class.

For other youth events, we will often ask for a fee to help offset the price of food, entry tickets, equipment rentals, etc. However, scholarships are available to any student in need – money is not a barrier to participating in our programs.

The church welcomes donations for the program and its activities. You can donate by contacting the church office at (616) 949-1360.

Are there attendance requirements?

There are no attendance requirements, though we do encourage students to attend when they’re able. Don’t be shocked if a youth leader calls or texts after not seeing your child for a few weeks – we work to engage the students actively because relationships are critical to fostering spiritual growth.

Do groups take a break in summer?

Yes. Many of our groups’ attendees travel throughout summer and/or attend other church-related activities like Camp Crystal or Vacation Bible School. Midweek classes typically end at the beginning of June and resume in September.

How can parents get involved?

We love having parents volunteer! Without parent and volunteer involvement, our children’s & youth ministries could not function. Parents are encouraged to volunteer at Sunday School, Wednesday Night Youth Group, and at other youth events. Please contact the Church office if you would like to help with our Children & Youth programs. All volunteers must complete a volunteer application and background check.

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